Global Healing Collective is creating and developing intimate peer to peer facilitated groups of 8 change-makers in order to support them on their path toward a thriving business and more meaningful life. 

“We understand the amount of overwhelm, isolation and thrashing that can happen along the leadership path.” ~Suzanne Hanna Founder and CEO  

 When you join a GHC Creative Community, you'll recieve collegial support and connection to learn along side fellow GHC members to discuss the issues, values, and visions that matter most to your work and life.

A KEY element to our creative communties is the the art of trained facilitation allowing for clearer focus, direction, deeper conversations, accountability and insight. We are cultivating groups of 8 peers who will meet virtually twice a month for 75 minutes. The GHC five pathways will inform our conversations, intentions and goals. 

There will be plenty of time to discuss what is on your mind, and hear new perspectives from others.

The 5 pathways include;  


New innovative strategies to address your most pressing challenges.

Accountability and alignment with personal and professional goals

Peer connection and collaboration

Increased motivation and insight

Accelerated goal achievement

Laser focus and direction

Reduced isolation

Supportive feedback

Illumination around blind spots

A new way to fulfill your commitment to your personal and professional growth 

At GHC, we are passionate about developing a more INTEGRATED form of leadership allowing space to speak to ALL areas of our lives and how it impacts us on multiple levels of being.

Apply for a Creative Community 


Our next Creative Community launches Friday, March 6th. 

This group will meet bi-monthly at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST for 75 minutes over the course of four months.



Nick Hemmert is a technologist, strategist, and a conscious collaborator. As the Executive Director of the Global Healing Collective, Nick is a guide connecting purpose with impact. In over 2,500 face-to-face conversations filled with curiosity, appreciation and traction, he has helped leaders and change-makers in the for profit and nonprofit sectors unlock collective wisdom and co-create a meaningful, more intentional future for themselves, their teams and their organizations. A systems thinker with a love for mindfulness, Nick is passionate about community building, collaboration and bringing forward heart-centered leadership in himself, leaders, organizations and our world.

Denise O’Malley calls herself a “reformed insurance agent.” During her 35+ year career in the industry as an agent, National Sales Director, and consultant, Denise discovered how insurance programs are not designed to support the person receiving care nor the practitioner providing the care and nothing drove this point home more than her experience serving on the Health Plan Advisory committee during the formation of Colorado’s insurance exchange. It was in this role that she realized something different needed to be done. In 2015, it was time to step away from the insurance industry and Denise pursued her passion: establishing a new type of employee benefit program, one that would allow employees of companies to access the care they wanted using a network of alternative, complementary, and holistic health care practitioners. You Define Wellness launched in 2016 and today has well over 250 wellness locations in eight states representing approximately 600 health care providers with a goal of nationwide expansion. The business model is to offer onsite wellness education classes combined with individual access to the services an employee defines as wellness for themselves.

Our third Creative Community launches Tuesday, April 7th. 

 This group will meet bi-monthly at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST for 75 minutes over the course of four months.



Holly Morphew is an award-winning financial coach, public speaker, and multi-generational entrepreneur. She began teaching personal finance in 2006 as a service project with Rotary International, and received the prestigious “Rotarian of the Year” award in 2007/08 for her work in financial literacy. After a successful career in real estate and financial consulting, Holly founded Financial Impact in 2016. She is recognized for her unique approach to money, which reinforces core values while creating wealth. Holly has coached thousands to peace of mind and confidence with their money through courses, programs, and retreats. In 2017, Holly was recognized by the Association for Financial Planning and Counseling Education ® with the "Bridging the Gap" award for outstanding work as an Accredited Financial Counselor® in private practice. Today she coaches and speaks, sharing the path to wealth by living with intention.  

Suzanne Hanna is a licensed psychotherapist, master coach and healer focusing on deep transformational experiences for leaders. She specializes in identiifying and removing emotional and mental blocks allowing leaders to remain in alignment with who they are and what they are creating in the world. Suzanne has been coaching and facilitating individuals, groups and retreats for over 25 years. She founded a nonprofit organization called Global Healing Collective that focuses on INTEGRATED leadership. GHC’s movement incites ideas and collaboration to empower the action plans of individuals, businesses, and organizations who are motivated to make a difference. Her passion is building community for those who are committed to healing themselves, their businesses and the world. 


 $297 for Current GHC Catalysts 

$397 for non GHC Catalysts. (The $397 allows you to join the group AND become a catalyst for the organization)